Lamb Head-Butted Golden Eagle

Apparently, some Scottish lambs can be quite aggressive, says the 10th-ever Outer Hebrides Bird Report.

In other news, there have been nine other Outer Hebrides Bird Reports.

One lamb was seen head-butting a golden eagle, Scotland's second largest bird of prey (the sea eagle is first), at Baile Ailean on the Western Isles of the Outer Hebrides.

A headbutt is also known as a Glasgow Kiss in Glaswegian slang. It's a common fighting method by many Scots men, although I would think you have to be pretty desperate, or crazy, to think your forehead would make a great weapon. However, I've been smashed in the face by my then-4-year-old, breaking my glasses, so I understand its effectiveness.

The 240-page report, funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, said defensive action is not uncommon. Older sheep, including pregnant females, will often headbutt enemies and predators; lambs and adult sheep will headbutt as part of their play, or to show dominance. They also drink lager and love the Bay City Rollers.

The Outer Hebrides Bird Report studies the types of birds, their movements, and behaviors throughout the year. Records are kept by ornithologists, birdwatchers, crofters (farmers), fishermen, and tourists.

In America, we call these people Star Trek fans.

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