Legal Loophole for Leased Cars and Red Light Cameras

As much as I hate and detest governmental and legal writing, there are times the specificity of the language is important.

Like in Cleveland, Ohio, where a court ruling about red-light and speed cameras could spell trouble for the city. There's a loophole in the code section big enough to drive a leased car through. At least that's what attorney Blake Dickson found out.

The code says that the "owner of the vehicle shall be eligible for the penalty." However, if you lease or rent a car, you're not the owner.

Cleveland attorney, Blake Dickson, whose law firm leases cars, appealed a ticket by the camera.

"I think the lessee of the vehicle is not liable under this Cleveland code section," Dickson told NewsNet5, Cleveland's ABC affiliate.

He appealed to Ohio district court and won because the code only targeted the owners of cars, not lessees or renters.

"Somebody made the argument until this is changed, every owner has an argument because it's an unequal situation because there's not equal protection under the law," Dickson said.

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