Maryland Comptroller Releases Video Spoof. Public Asks "We Have a Comptroller?"

The Maryland Comptroller's office released a video spoof, "Real Taxpayers of Genius," to get Maryland taxpayers to file their taxes online rather than via paper, which could save the state $1.60 per return.

While the video isn't as hysterically funny as the Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" commercials (which aren't hysterically funny either; they're more mildly amusing), I was pleased to see a state government agency 1) thinking outside their cubicles, 2) joining us in the 21st century by embracing Web 2.0 technology, 3) could find someone to sing. Sort of.

I used to work for a state government agency, and we weren't always so eager to embrace new technology. So I'm impressed that the Maryland Comptroller's office was more than willing to take adopt this technology and try something new.

We salute you, Mr. Found a Way to Circumvent the Martinets.

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