Never Pick a Fight With Someone Who Has No Need for Ink

From the "You Know We Can Hear You, Right?" files:

There's an old newspaper adage that says "Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel."

In the 21st century, that has changed to "Never pick a fight with someone who has no need for ink." Or who'll get your outburst publicized on the Interweb.

The (Canadian) National Post Reporter David George-Cosh got into an F-word filled pissing match with marketing pro April Dunford. Actually, April stayed pretty calm and level-headed, so George-Cosh just ended up getting himself wet.

It started when George-Cosh (@SirDavid on Twitter) called April Dunford (@AprilDunford) for a comment on an article he was writing. But April didn't call back right away.

That's when it got all cussy.

sirdavid: @aprildunford what the fuck. I called you for comment two days ago. What did you expect when you called me back? Don’t post that shit online

sirdavid: @aprildunford furthermore, I called you several times in the afternoon. Don’t be condescending to me when I actually wanted to talk to you

sirdavid: @aprildunford how about you stop blasting personal conversations on twitter and call me back. what the hell is wrong with you.

aprildunford: @sirdavid All I did was return your call. I didn’t expect you to do anything. Wow. Like, seriously, calm down.

sirdavid: @aprildunford & then repost everything? & then hang up on me & don’t call back? I’ve recorded everything. U don’t look as nice as u put on

aprildunford: @sirdavid Dude - I never said who you were. Twitter meet David. David is having a bad day. David, meet Twitter.

sirdavid: @aprildunford hey april - fuck you. seriously. fuck you.

sirdavid: @aprildunford if u can’t handle any heat from what u post and immediate hang up, fuck u. u know my number. u call if you want to settle.

aprildunford: @sirdavid Re-read what you have just Twittered. Then re-read what I Twittered. Deep breaths David. Calm.

April, ever the classy woman, even commented on SirDavid's erudite, witty banter, over at Ian Capstick's Media Style blog. But still without stooping to George-Cosh's level.

Hey Ian,
I have to say that was one of the strangest things I have ever participated in, in my entire life.
I feel bad for David. I really didn’t mean my newspaper comment to be personal, rather a comment on the arrogance of old media vs. the less hierarchical new media.
He’s clearly under a lot of stress and the fact that he deleted the posts shortly after was enough of an apology for me.
We have all had bad days. It stinks when you happen to do it in public.

All I can say is April must be San Diego, because she's stayin' classy.

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