School Gives Kid a Timeout, Parents Give School a Lawsuit

Child psychology experts tell parents not to spank their children, but to use timeouts instead.

Helicopter parents who over-pamper their children tell schools not to give their kids timeouts, or they'll sue them instead.

Parents of a Greenfield (Wisconsin) Middle School girl filed a legal claim against the school for $50,000 because they put their precious daughter in a timeout room. They say the timeout caused her to "hyperventilate and feel nauseous."

Because, as we all know, hyperventilation and feeling nauseated (not nauseous. Get with the program, Journal-Sentinel.") is worth 50 grand.

Since when is a stress-related stomachache the problem of the school? If the girl has stress-related issues with being disciplined for acting out, then the parents should look at 1) themselves and the environment they've created, and 2) that's it. The problem starts and ends at home.

The suit also says a teacher allowed students to "commit a battery" against the girl.

Without knowing what the particular battery is, I would hazard a guess that most teachers won't let students abuse another student. But given that the girl's parents think a stomachache and heavy breathing is worth $50,000, the battery is probably name calling or funny looks.

However, if it's anything worse than that, like bullying or hitting, then I'm with the parents on this one.

"I'm confident that the district has acted in an appropriate manner and will continue to do so," Conrad Farner, Greenfield schools superintendent, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

The suit was filed by attorney William Rettko, who seems to be hoping for a settlement.

"The ball, frankly, is in the school district's court," he told the Journal-Sentinel.

If the district rejects the family's greedy scrabbling -- which I hope they do -- the family could file a full-fledged lawsuit.

I'd hate to see what happens if the family loses.

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