Thunder God Thor Stops Home Burglary in Edinburgh, Scotland

Torvald Alexander of Edinburgh, Scotland had just come home from a New Year's Eve fancy dress party (that's English for costume party), when he surprised a burglar in his apartment.

Alexander, who was dressed up as Marvel Comics hero Thor, charged at the intruder, red cape flying behind him. The burglar jumped out of a first-floor window and ran off.

Alexander told police, "As soon as he saw me, his eyes went wide with terror. He looked like he had had a few drinks and decided to do a late night break-in, but he hadn't counted on the God of Thunder living here."

Alexander remained true to his alter ego and leaped into action.

"We were both startled but then the instant reaction was that I ran at him and he just jumped straight out of the window," Alexander said. "I think I would be quite scared if someone looking almost like a gladiator ran at them."

Mixed pronouns notwithstanding, Alexander's actions stopped the thief from taking anything. In fact, he left his shoes and the small garden rake he had used to break in. Alexander said he thought the burglar had taken off his shoes to avoid making any noise.

I wonder whether Alexander took his costume a little too seriously. The Daily Mail said he was going to contact the police and give them the burglar's shoes to see if he can be traced.

In other words, he called the paper before he called the police.

"It will make him think again before breaking into other people's homes. Hopefully it's taught him a lesson," said the Thunder God.

Doubt it, but it's always nice to hope. In the meantime, nice job, Torvald, er, Thor

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