Canadian Igloo Torn Down for Being a Fire Hazard

From the We Don't Understand Science files:

According to a story in the Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) Star-Phoenix, a Canadian property management company told Bruce Lunan to tear down a snow fort he had built in his apartment complex back yard because it posed a fire risk.

Lunan had checked with his power company, who told him there was no danger to have an igloo close to a power box. But the apartment management company told him no way

Bruce Lunan built a room from snow in the backyard of his apartment complex but was told it raised safety concerns.

The Canadian man even checked with his power company, who said it wasn't dangerous to have an igloo close to a power box.

But he was forced to relent two weeks later and pull down the structure, which had become a hit with local children.

According to the CKOM NewsTalk 650 AM website, Lunan has now been asked to move out of the condo he was renting.

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