High School Principal Rewrites School Song Because it's "Sexist"

Jeff Finstad, principal at Waupun High School in Waupun, Wis., had his school's fight song rewritten because he thought the word "fellow" was sexist.

Finstad changed the words after he realized the offending, sexist, female-oppressing term was in the song. Only after getting all students to pass the No Child Left Behind tests and passing all classes, and solving the school's funding issues, teen pregnancy, and dropout rate, of course.

He made the discovery after some of his students wanted to paint the words to the son on the gym wall, which included "Fight fellows, fight, fight, fight." So he nixed the plan until a student, junior Bridget Nickel, came up with a less offensive version that used gender-neutral terms, like "OMG" and "w00t."

So if he's so uptight about the word "fellow" (which makes me wonder what he feels about the word "fellowship" or if he'll throw a hissy if his students ever become "doctoral fellows"), what about "fight, fight, fight?" No concerns about the imagery of violence? No worries that this will cause fights to break out? I mean, if "fellow" is sexist, then surely urging people to fight is just a riot waiting to happen.

According to an AP story, the school's logo used to be a "W" for "Warriors," but they replaced it with something that looks like Marvin the Martian from Bugs Bunny. According to another blogger, they did it to distance themselves from the Native American mascot they previously had. (Post about halfway down the page.)

Either that, or they didn't like the 43rd president.

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