Real news poll question: Is it a Good Idea to Marry a Serial Killer

I don't know who's dumber, an Australian woman who wants to marry a serial killer, or the online newspaper editor who asked the poll question: "Is it a good idea to marry a serial killer?"

Is it a good idea? Hell no, it's a bad idea. It's possibly the. Dumbest. Idea. Ever.

According to AdelaideNow, Bianca Roberts of Adelaide, Australia will marry the Snowtown serial killer James Vlassakis on September 2, even though he's not eligible for parole until 2025.

It goes without saying that one should not ever associate with, befriend, get to know on a first name basis, or hang out with a serial killer, let alone marry the guy.

Or, you'd think it goes without saying. But apparently, the AdelaideNow newspaper thought it needed saying, so they ran the. Stupidest. Quiz. Ever. (see, it emphasizes how stupid it is if I break it up into three one-word sentences).

The choices?

  • Yes - love transcends all boundaries

  • No - his crimes were monstrous

  • Who are we to judge?

  • Seems obvious enough, right? Wrong. As of 1:30 pm, EST on Wednesday, 1 day after the article was published, 2822 people had voted (including me). Here are the results:

    1078 people (38%) said "Yes, she should marry the guy who stuffed 12 bodies into barrels of acid."
    1302 people (46%) said "No, her life will be in danger!!!"
    442 people (15%) said, "Meh."

    Translation: 53% of Australians do not think marrying a serial killer is a bad idea.

    Oh well, I hope Mr. and Mrs. Vlassakis have a good wedding. I hear the honeymoon is to die for.

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