Senator David Vitter (R-LA) Goes Ballistic at Dulles Airport

Senator David Vitter (R-LA) either had amnesia or a case of the grumpies last week at Washington Dulles Airport, when he showed up 20 minutes late to catch his flight back to New Orleans.

Upon finding the gate closed, Vitter opened the door and set off a security alarm. An airline worker warned him that he wasn't allowed to enter the gate after it had been closed.

According to a Heard On the Hill story in Roll Call, Vitter unloaded on the airline worker with a "do you know who I am?!" rant that got pretty loud.

You've got to love politicians who puff up their chest with self-importance and believe their position gives them special privileges and exemption from the laws they've sworn to uphold (and in some cases, helped to pass).

"Sure, I know you," the employee should have said. "You're Senator David Vitter. The same Senator David Vitter whose phone number appeared on the D.C Madam's prostitution phone list. You're the same Senator David Vitter who reportedly paid $300 per hour to a hooker in the 1990s to the Canal Street Madam. The very same Senator David Vitter who will be facing porn star Stormy Daniels in next year's primary.

"Uhh, I think I'll walk."

What actually happened is that the employee said they would call security. According to HOH, Vitter hollered that the employee could call the police and their supervisors.

But after the employee left to find a security guard, Vitter held a press conference with his wife asking for forgiveness from his country and his family.

Oh wait, that's what he did after he was found to have paid prostitutes for sex.

What he actually did was run away to avoid getting into bigger trouble. There was no word whether he ever did make it back to Louisiana.

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  1. You gotta love it, don't you? Our representative, Dan Burton, pulled the same kind of thing a couple of years or so ago. I think it was when his car was impounded or something to that effect. I remember hearing about it on Abdul in the Morning.

  2. I remember when Burton was found to have fathered a child during an affair years ago, while he was leading the impeachment charge against Clinton. And what most impressed (surprised/startled/bewildered) me about Burton was he basically said, "Yeah, so what? I'm still gonna do it."

    Anyone who would take that attitude with a political sex scandal is going to puff up his chest at anyone he wants to.

    The sad thing is that for a lot of these "do you know who I am?!" people, the answer is often, "No. Should I?"

    Which makes them puff up all the further.


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