Since When Did Basketball Referees Get to Arrest People?

One of my big frustrations at the fairness of the universe is when stupid people get away with their stupidity, and don't have to face the consequences.

Of course, sometimes justice is served on a high school gymnasium floor.

Patrick Rempala, a 64-year-old Northwest Indiana man, threw a hissy fit at a high school basketball game, and got belligerent with referee Glen Fifeld. Rempala got into Fifield's face, and yelled "you suck!" He bumped Fifeld, pushed him when Fifeld tried to walk away, and then grabbed Fifeld's whistle lanyard and tried to choke him.

That's when things got interesting. Fifeld told Rempala he was under arrest for battery.

Because, you see, Fifeld is an Indiana state trooper. And if there's one thing you don't mess with in Indiana, it's a state trooper.

"You can't arrest me, you're a referee!" Rempala shrieked at Fifield.

Au contraire, my d-baggy friend. Refereein' is just his hobby; arresting jerkwads is his day job.

Fifeld wrestled the man to the floor, which I hope was all good and thunky. Once he realized Fifeld was, in fact, a cop, and he was now, in fact, an under-arrest-d-bag, Rempala whined, "That's not fair."

No, and neither is shoving a guy around because you don't like his refereeing. Because, in Rempala's defense, the other thing you don't mess with in Indiana is our basketball.

Rempala was arrested for battery and resisting arrest.

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