West Virginia Wants to Ban Barbie

Having solved the rampant unemployment, mortgage foreclosures, and other social ills that plague West-By-God-Virginia, state delegate Jeff Eldridge wants to ban Barbies on her 50th birthday.

This past Tuesday, Eldridge proposed a bill that would ban all sales of the 50-year-old doll in the state.

Eldridge says the toys place too much emphasis on physical beauty in the minds of young girls, which lessens the importance of intellectual and emotional development.

I see, so it's Barbie's fault, and NOT the poor school system, the celebrity-obsessed entertainment industry, crappy TV programming, and uninvolved parents that causes a girl to focus on physical beauty instead of school and friendships?

According to WSAZ NewsChannel 3, Eldridge knows the bill will get shot down, but says he introduced it because he wanted to get the conversation started about brains before beauty.

I'll let you make your own jokes about West Virginian politicians and brains. My cup overfloweth at the possibilities.

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  1. legislators had to realize proposing a Barbie ban would cause a big media stir, but then again maybe this was strategic...


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