Window Guy Busted for, uh, Busting Windows?

I know the economy is bad, but if you're in the repair business, you don't go breaking things in order to create more business for yourself, because you're going to get caught.

That's what happened to Andrew Krogh, owner of AA Glass and Mirror, in Sacramento, Calif.

He was caught after a stakeout at a martial arts school that had been suffering broken windows for months. Students of the Cassio Werneck Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school were hiding in the area when the caught Krogh in the act. They held Krogh and alerted a sheriff's deputy, who is also a student at the school.

Krogh was found with a slingshot and ball bearings in his possession.

The school's landlord had spent at least $12,000 with Krogh over the last six months to fix 13 broken windows. Another of Krogh's clients said he had replaced three of her windows and doors earlier this year, after they had all been shot out or shattered.

According to a story on KXTV's News10 website, Krogh is being charged with six counts of felony vandalism.

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  1. This guy turned out to be a real pane, eh? (grin)

  2. Ha! You crack me up. My eyes just sort of glazed over with laughter.


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