Brisbane, Australia Police Can't Tell Difference Between Wheel Lock, Real Gun

Chad Hastings of Brisbane, Australia is demanding an apology from Brisbane police after he was pulled over and handcuffed because they thought he had a gun in his car.

Turns out the gun was a steering wheel lock.

According to a story in the Brisbane Courier-Mail, Hastings was pulled over while he was on his way to work early Thursday morning. He was breath-tested, and his car was searched. He was then ordered to get out of the car, and one of the officers wanted to know why there was a gun in his car.

Hastings said he didn't know anything about a gun or how it would have gotten in there. He was then handcuffed and told he was under arrest. The officer then called for backup.

Two senior officers arrived, and explained to the moron other officer that it was not a weapon, but a friggin' security device. They also removed Hasting's handcuffs.

Hastings told the Courier-Mail: "As the officer walked away he said 'get a new steering wheel lock, it looks like a bloody gun,'" he said. "He told me 'any other cop would have had you at gunpoint.'"

That's true. Had it been this cop, it probably would have been his flashlight.

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  1. They won't even convene the whitewash committee for this one.


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