British Firefighters Told Ladders Are Too Dangerous

From the "Unclear on the Concept" files:

British firefighters – men and women who climb 300 foot (30 stories) ladders have been told they can no longer climb stepladders to test smoke alarms, because they're "too dangerous.

According to a story in the London Daily Mail, the firefighters have been told by Britsh bureaucrats that they need to use a telescoping pole when checking smoke alarms.

The rule was introduced by the Bedfordshire and Luton Fire and Rescue Service, which gave out the telescoping poles, with blatant disregard to the potential for eye injury when firefighters start whipping these things around, playing Three Musketeers.

This shouldn't be too surprising to the men and women of the BLFRS. Two years ago, the same brigade was stopped from removing festival banners strung across a road, because their bosses were worried they might fall off the ladders.

One firefighter told the Daily Mail: "Now they have ordered us not to use stepladders at all in case we fall off and hurt ourselves. I've been up a 300ft ladder with my hosepipe in my hand just feet away from roaring flames. I didn't fall off my ladder then so I am not likely to suddenly develop vertigo up a little stepladder."

This is not the first time British bureaucrats have endangered the health and safety of British citizens, by limiting the speed at which firefighters can work.

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