British Junior MP Blames Swine Flu on Susan Boyle

I have an idea for a future story arc for The Office, which just recently tied up their "Michael Scott Paper Company" storyline.

Next season, Michael Scott should be hired as a consultant to the British Parliament, where he finds a kindred spirit in junior Labour MP (Member of Parliament) Sion Simon.

That's because, according to a story in the London Daily Mail, Simon has gotten himself in more than a little hot water over a stupid joke he made on Twitter.

Simon (@sionsimon), who's an MP for Birmingham Erdington wrote:
"I'm not saying Susan Boyle caused swine flu. I'm just saying that nobody had swine flu, she sang on TV, people got swine flu."

Big mistake. Right now, the whole world loves Susan Boyle, the British woman who surprised the crap out of the world with an amazing performance on Britain's Got Talent.

The Daily Mail said Tories (Conservatives) were "horrified" by the insensitive remarks. (But then, Tories will be "horrified" by any gaffe the Labour (Liberals) make, and vice versa. Just like Republicans and Democrats bickering here in the U.S., the fake hysterics and faux shock factor of politicians seems to rise with the popularity of the issue the other side just gaffed.)

Not to be outdone, Simon's fellow Labour MPs were "aghast."

"It's infantile, isn't it?" said one unidentified MP. "Hasn't he got enough to do?"

But this isn't the only time Simon got himself into hot water over his wacky hijinks. In 2006, Simon, who was educated at Oxford (official motto: Not smart. Even for you.), created a video in which he pretended to be David Cameron, leader of the Tory Party, offering people one of his children and a chance to sleep with his wife.

And then posted it on YouTube (official motto: Dude, seriously, that's not cool).

Simon has since apologized on Twitter for his offensive comments about the angel-voiced Susan Boyle. Of course he did it on Twitter, which as everyone knows, is a great place to offer sincere, heart-felt apologies.

Because nothing drips with sincerity and heartfelt regret like a 138-character message that only reaches 395 people.

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