British Vets Learn How to Play Bongos for $736,000

British government officials are getting into some hot water for sending bovine veterinarians to seminars where they learned to play the bongos.

That's normally not a big deal, except it cost the British taxpayers £500,000 ($736,000).

A bigger deal is the fact that British cattle and dairy farmers are looking at a increasing bovine tuberculosis rates and the slaughter of countless cows to prevent a possible bovine TB epidemic, but the vets are out banging drums.

The seminars, called "away days," were organized by the Animal Health Agency, and were supposed to teach 1,700 vets and animal health experts important things like how to fight bovine TB and bluetongue.

According to the London Daily Star, the AHA said the vets participated in "exercises which aimed to bring home the importance of effective working in an interesting, involving and fun way.

The attendees then talked about what they had learned "that would be applicable in responding to an outbreak of animal disease."

Lesson #1: how to stretch the skin of a now-dead cow across a hollow log to make music.

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