Dead Mayor Gets Re-Elected. Again

Most politicians go through bouts of depression and self-doubt after they lose an election. Is something wrong with me? Why don't people like me? What did I do that made more than half the people vote against me?

So you have to wonder what's going through the mind of Winfield Alderman Bernie Panther. He lost to Mayor Harry Stonebraker, a candidate who won his fourth election by a 90% landslide.


Stonebraker died of a heart attack on March 11, the day after Winfield could remove his name from the ballot. Larry Cudney, Winfield's president of the Board of Aldermen is serving as the interim mayor until the board decides to let him serve or nominate someone else to run until April 2010 to serve for the final year of the term.

Now, not only do zombies walk among us, they're running our small Midwestern towns.

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  1. that's just demented, lol

  2. Must have been a democrat. Didn't something like this happen in Missouri Senate seat?

  3. It did happen in Missouri. I can't remember the men involved, but wasn't it the guy who beat John Ashcroft? Ashcroft went on to become Attorney General. We all laughed when Ashcroft lost, but then look what happened. . .


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