Doral, Florida Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez Doesn't Want You to See These Videos

Doral, Florida mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez doesn't want you to see the unflattering YouTube videos of him being a total jerk to other people in Doral.

For example, he doesn't want you to see this one where he insults Chief of Police Ricky Gomez by calling a big mouth and making sarcastic comments about his "infinite wisdom."

He also doesn't want you to see the movie, "Mayor of Doral Loses Control," where Crazy-Mayor Bermudez pounds his gavel, jabs his finger at Vice Mayor Peter Cabrera, and tells him, "This is not your meeting. You're not the mayor." So don't watch this one either.

According to a story in the Miami Herald, Bermudez said the videos were "sleazy politics" and says they were taken out of context.

Videos like this one.

"The voters of Doral understand my character, my integrity and the person who I am," Bermudez said.

Now the rest of the world understands his character, integrity, and the person who he is.

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