Aussie Train Station Has Wheelchair-Accessible Phone at top of Stairs

The Macdonaldtown train station in Sydney, Australia is proud of the wheelchair-accessible phone and ramps for wheelchair users to get on and off the trains. They even boast about it on their website.

The problem is the phone and the ramps are at the top of a set of stairs, and no way for wheelchair-using passengers to access either of them. No ramp, no elevator, not even a couple of brawny men to carry the passengers.

A RailCorp spokesman told the Sydney Daily Telegraph that the phone was installed as part of the Disability Discrimination Act.
Never mind that in order for a wheelchair user to use that phone, they have to take the train to the station, get off, make the call, and then hop back on.

"Recent developments would indicate that the NSW Government has no overall plan to provide accessible public transport," Spinal Cord Injury Australia president David Brice told the Daily Telegraph.

Expect RailCorp to host a telephone conference call to the Australian Society of Deaf Journalists to explain the problem.

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