Bra Stops Bullet, 84-Year-Old Man Repels 2 Muggers? Yeah, We'll Be Okay

I've been scaring the bejeezus out of myself (and everyone else) with my concerns about swine flu. But I was able to shake myself out of it thanks to my friend, John Maler of The Indy Group, who forwarded me an email from the Mental Floss e-newsletter.

I can't tell it any better, so I'll just quote the entire thing from the email newsletter Mental Floss sent out:

Because I'm in seclusion and watched a wee bit too much cable news this morning, I could use some happier thoughts. So here are two stories from Miss Cellania's recent 'Weird Week in Review':

Saved by the Bra!
Who knew undergarments could offer this much support? An unnamed 57-year-old Detroit woman has her life today, and it's all thanks to her bra. Last Tuesday morning, she witnessed a group of burglars breaking into a neighbor's house. When they saw her, one of the men fired a shot. Thankfully, our witness was wearing protection, and the bullet miraculously deflected off of her bra's underwire. She was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The suspects fled and were not apprehended at the time.

84-year-old Beats Up Muggers
84-year old Ted Mazetier of Tacoma, Washington, stopped to help what appeared to be stranded motorists Wednesday, April 22. But apparently, the scene was just a ruse. The two men jumped Mazetier and punched him in the face. Amazingly, Mazetier, a World War II veteran and former prison guard, fought back. He kicked both men, getting one in belly and the other in the groin, and managed to slow down their escape. The two fled as quickly as they could, but were arrested soon after.

To which Mental Floss said:

If an old man can beat up muggers, and a bra can save your life, I'm guessing we all stand a pretty good chance against this flu-thing.

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