British Town Hall Puts Safety Over Patriotism, Won't Fly Flag

My friend, Lorraine Ball, asked me recently why I had a spate of articles making fun of the British nanny state (like this one, this one, and this one. And this one too.)

"They just make it so easy," I said.

And they're doing it again.

A Bourne, England city council said they are no longer going to fly the British flag — the Union Jack — over their town hall, because they are concerned about the safety of the 8-foot-ladder they're using to raise the flag. (Oh, and I did one on British firefighters and ladders.)

According to a story from United Press International, the South Kesteven District Council will no longer fly the flag on special flag-flying days, like Armed Forces Day or the Queen's birthday.

Brian Fines, a council member and former lieutenant colonel said the decision is an insult to all veterans and members of the military.

(I also did a British police post with this one.)

"What a sad and sick society we're becoming," Fines told the Daily Sun. "This despotic government's health and safety laws have prevented the council flying a flag from the building that's the hub of our town. We're told they're not allowed to use a ladder to access the mast, which is ridiculous. It's annoying and upsetting a lot of people."

Photo: a.drian

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