Is This the Next Generation of IndyCar?

Honda has a new concept IndyCar sitting up in the Media Room, as part of the commemoration of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's Centennial Celebration.

This model was developed by the Honda R&D Americas Advance Design Studio in Pasadena, CA. Dave Marek, executive designer with Honda R&D.

A written statement from Honda says this model is ". . .an opportunity for Honda engineers and stylists to contribute their visions for the future of IndyCar racing."

They stress that this is only a design concept, and not necessarily what future IndyCars will look like, but it does fit within the overall length, width, suspension, and driveline layouts.

Regardless, it's a cool looking car. A lot of developments in our own cars come from the technology developed for auto racing, so it's not out of the question that ideas from this car could be making it's way to the 500 in years to come.

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