Other Bloggers Here at the Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway made a bold move this year in allowing bloggers to attend the race as official media. We're allowed in the media center and the garage. We can meet with drivers, sponsors, race officials, etc. And there are several of us. I can't thank Tim Sullivan, a member of the PR staff, and the rest of the folks at the Speedway for giving us this chance.

If you don't count the podcast/Internet radio shows like Larry Henry's Pit Pass USA (Larry used to work for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network) or Don Kay at AutoSportRadio.com — and you'd be making a big mistake to overlook them — there are eight of us bloggers here.

We're all sitting on Row 3, and I'm on the outside, closest to the window. If the media center were the starting lineup for the race, I would be Tony Kanaan. (This photo is a view from my seat. I can actually see the flag stand at the finish line.)

Here are the other 7 bloggers here at the track this month. Be sure to check them out.

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  1. thanks for your great coverage so far. I'm watching your tweets too & recommending your blog to the race fans in my family!

  2. Thanks, Eva. I really appreciate it.


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