PETA Boycotts Canadian Maple Syrup to Protest Seal Clubbing

PETA, still unclear on the concept of, well, everything, launched a boycott of Canadian maple syrup at the Vermont Statehouse to help stop the slaughter of baby seals in Canada. They are also launching similar protests in Maine and New York.

Because as everyone knows, Canadian maple syrup is harvested by baby seals in Vermont, Maine, and New York.

According to PETA, more than 300,000 baby seals are clubbed to death for their fur and other products. They plan on continuing the "Stop the Seal Slaughter" campaign until the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. . . clear on the other side of the continent and in a whole other country.

Future protests involve boycotting French truffles in the Netherlands to protest the harvesting of Norwegian herring.

According to a story in the Rutland (Vermont) Herald, a PETA member was going to whack a six-foot bottle of maple syrup with a hakapik, the weapon used to kill baby seals. The bottle would have a label with a maple leaf dripping blood, with the tagline, "Stop the Seal Slaughter."

Other demonstrators held signs that said, "Buy American: Boycott Canadian Maple Syrup."

"Canada has ignored calls from around the world to stop the seal slaughter, but we're hoping that a plunge in maple syrup sales might get the government's attention," said Tracy Reiman, executive vice president of PETA. "We want consumers to buy only American maple syrup because there's nothing 'sweet' about a country that condones the largest annual massacre of marine mammals on the planet."

A plunge in maple syrup sales? Really, a whole plunge? Man, someone thinks pretty highly of themselves. Look, you're PETA. You're not the UAW, a Political Action Committee, or the KISS Army. The only thing you're going to plunge is a toilet.

Given PETA's past success at their attention-whorish campaigns and self-serving boycotts, I'm guessing this will be one of the Canadian maple syrup industries best years yet.

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