PETA Whining About Google's Goats

Having solved all cruelty to animals problems, including killing over 2,100 animals at their own Norfolk, VA animal "shelter," PETA is now whining about Google using a herd of goats to mow the lawn at their Mountain View, California HQ.

According to a story on Fox News, Google said they want to have a more "low-carbon approach with the goats reducing the company's contribution to air and noise pollution."

Turns out the cost of hiring 200+ goats is about the same as mowing, but without all the noise, use of gas, and carbon dioxide given off by the mowers.

According to the Google blog, it takes about a week, is much quieter, and the goats are cuter to watch.

But leave it to PETA to stamp their little feet about the goats. According to the Fox News story, while PETA has no problem with letting the goats do what they would normally do, they have concerns about how the goats were transported, and whether they get shelter and enough water.

So, PETA did the responsible thing, and went to the Google property to check it out, and placed a phone call to California Grazing to inquire about it.

Just kidding, it's freaking PETA. Do you think they would really do those things?

No, instead they issued a knee-jerk response saying they hoped the goats would get adequate shelter, whether they receive veterinary care, and what happens to old and excess goats.

Of course, this is the same PETA that has eagerly killed over 21,000 animals at their animal shelter from 1998 to 2008, so I hate to guess why they're asking that last question.

(Google said that while they technically weren't employees, the goats did receive a free all-you-can-eat organic lunch.)

If you have the time you can always watch the best 19-minute video clip of goats eating grass at Google in the world.

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