Phone It In Sunday: Real-Life Twitter

From the hysterical folks at

What if you said things out loud that you normally only said on Twitter?

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  1. Hey Erik! Following you through Twitter! Some of us to twitter funny! Selling my Indiana Indiana and all there is to do, moving to Ohio though to be with my husband. Anyways I have enjoyed all that you've written in the Indiana Insider Blog! Here is my house if you know any one interested! I'm motivated!!

  2. Wow, Kelly, that's a gorgeous house, and quite a steal. A house that size and design would easily go for 3 times as much here in Indiana.

    Having lived up in northern Indiana for 12 years, I'm fairly familiar with Rochester and Fulton county. While I like being here in the state capital, there are some days I miss being out in the country and near a lake.

    When I saw your house, just for a second, I went "hmmmm...."

    Good luck to you. I hope you sell it soon.


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