Tomas Scheckter's Dad, Jody, Launches Laverstoke Park Farm Organic Beers

Jody Scheckter, father of Tomas Scheckter, announced the launch of Laverstoke Park Farm's Organic Ale and Lager, the world's best organic beer started by a Formula 1 World Champion whose son is an IndyCar driver.

Admittedly, it's a small field, but marketing is all about finding your niche. (And I created that one in the hopes of scoring a case of said Ale or Lager.)

The barley and hops are grown at Laverstoke Park, Scheckter Senior's 2,500 acre organic/biodynamic farm in Hampshire England.

"We specialize in biodynamic and organic natural methods," said Jody Scheckter in a written statement. "We work with nature, not against it, but utilise the latest technologies available in science to try and further our understanding." (And you can tell he's in England, because he spelled utilize with an S, not a Z.)

But it looks like I won't be getting those free samples anytime soon.

"(W)e are not quite ready to be exporting yet," said Scheckter. "We are working on all the different U.S. certifications and labeling which we will hopefully have completed in August."

But keep your eyes out for it when you do. Who knows, if we buy enough of it, its success could play a part in son Tomas' racing future.

"If you enjoy the beers, hopefully next year he can be my main sponsor," said Tomas.

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