Why a Spoon? Why Not an Axe?

Having solved all gun- and knife-related crimes, one British retailer is now going after spoons.

A shopper at British superstore ASDA (part of Wal-Mart Corporation) was asked for age identification before buying a teaspoon.

According to a story in the London Daily Telegraph, when asked why, the cashier informed the woman that "someone had once been murdered with a teaspoon, and therefore age identification was now required."

The National Teaspoon Association (NTA) was not available for comment. NTA President Ben Kingsley is expected to issue a press statement sometime later this afternoon.

It didn't matter that the woman had also bought plates and other picnic items. No, no, never mind that a well-flung plate could cause a concussion, or that picnic knives and forks are much more stabby. No, someone was killed once with a spoon, which means

You can actually see a copy of the receipt over at the Nanny Knows Best blog.

Peter McCarthy, the ASDA store manager, told the Telegraph he did not know about any spoon ID rule, and that it was probably a computer mix-up.

"The customer will have been asked for age identification by the assistant when prompted by the till," said McCarthy. "I'm not aware of an age restriction for spoons. It's most likely a mix-up with the bar codes."

When will England ever learn? Teaspoons don't kill people, people kill people.

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