Jeffersonville, IN City Attorney Found Asleep in Neighbor's Trash Can

No one is saying attorneys can't get drunk. No one is saying they can't get drunk with friends.

They are saying you can't fall asleep in your neighbor's garbage can to sleep it off.

At least that's what they're telling Jeffersonville, Indiana city attorney Larry Wilder, who was found by police, after neighbors called them upon finding Wilder in their trash can.

"Someone's throwing away a perfectly good man," said the neighbor.

"It's okay, he's an attorney," said the police.

Jeffersonville Police Chief Tim Deeringer told the Floyd County Tribune that Wilder cooperated with police, and was able to walk home, which was just right next door.

Neighbor Roberta Embry said her husband found the non-recyclable attorney when he went for a walk that morning.

“He (Wilder) took all the trash out and laid it (the trash can) on its side,” Embry told the paper.

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