Lemonye, PA Asks Pedestrians to Carry Flags When Crossing the Street

Lemoyne, Pennsylvania is giving England a run for their money as Biggest Nanny State in the Western Hemisphere. They have taken the last step before requiring all pedestrians to wear helmets and knee pads.

They're asking people who cross the street to carry a day-glo orange flag.

According to a story in the Harrisburg Patriot-News, the borough of Lemoyne has placed bins filled with orange flags at the corner of 3rd and Market, and 12th and Market. The idea is that you'll carry one high above your head — without feeling like a complete doofus, one presumes — as you cross those intersections.

The project was inspired by the Nanny State formerly known as Kirkland, Washington.

The project has two goals, Lemoyne Councilman John Judson told the Patriot-News. "(T)o make pedestrians more visible and to remind drivers that pedestrians have the right of way."

Judson says if the program is well-received in Lemoyne, they'll consider adding flags to other locations.

Do you hear that, Lemoynians? If the program is well-received, they'll add flags to other locations. One can safely assume that if the program is not well-received, they will not place flags at other intersections. They will also not require pedestrians to wear helmets and kneepads, or put bicycle bells on their wrists. They will not pad all car bumpers with bubble wrap.

I'm not that confident the program will continue. Dickinson College in Carlisle, Penn. had a similar program last year. But according to college spokesperson Christine Dugan, the nannying only lasted a year, as more and more people stole the flags.

"In theory, it's a great idea, it really is," Randal Ray Robertson, owner of Triple R Guitar told the Patriot-News.

I agree with you, Randal — in theory. In theory, Communism works. In theory.

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