Maine Police Seize $500 for Charity as Evidence, Charity Can't Feed Poor Now

Maine State Police raided a charity event that was supposed to feed the needy, and seized all assets and equipment, citing licensing regulations.

The Narragansett Pythian Sisters Temple was trying to raise money for the Buxton Community Food Co-Op in Buxton, Maine, which is in dire need of money and food to give to the poor. So they were hosting a Texas Hold'Em tournament to raise money.

According to a story on the WMTW website, state police said the game was illegal. Whenever a group hosts a gambling tournament to raise money at its headquarters, they need a permit, but the co-op didn't have one.

The police were tipped off by a anonymous coward concerned citizen, and so four plainclothes officer and two uniforms raided the place.

So the Maine State Police — whose motto is Integrity, Fairness, Compassion & Excellence — seized the cards, chips, and $500 in cash, and is currently holding it for evidence.

Meanwhile, Joann Groder, a member of the co-op is very upset by the MSP's response.

"We've had a lot of people who come here -- people who are out of work, people who have cancer. We have a lot of people," Groder told WMTW.

But the police are hiding behind the rules aren't backing down.

"In this particular case they weren't licensed, and they knew they weren't and they knew they needed one," said Lt. David Bowler of the Maine State Police.

The co-op is now planning a pot roast dinner to raise money for the co-op, and hopefully get some much-needed funding for the poor of Buxton, Maine. If the state police wanted to redeem their good name, they would all attend the pot roast dinner and leave a little extra in the donation plates.

Maybe $500 extra?

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