51-Year-Old Elkhart, IN Man Found Nude in Cemetery

There are days I hear stories from my old hometown of Syracuse, Indiana, and nearby parts of the state, and think, "Hey, I used to live up there! I'm so proud."

And then there's today.

According to an Elkhart Truth story reprinted on WSBT22's website (official motto: "what do you mean, there are people outside South Bend?"), an unnamed 51-year-old man was spotted by an off-duty police officer walking nude around Elkhart's Rice Cemetery.

Elkhart Patrolman Daniel Milanese saw the naked guy during his run inside the cemetery this past Sunday, standing next to a pickup. That's when things got a little hairy. The guy got back into his truck and drove off, but Milanese got the man's license plate and tracked him down. He called the man and asked him to come in for an interview. But the man didn't get testes or annoyed; he cooperated fully with police.

The suspect told the police he had been golfing all day, so he was really sweaty, and his underwear was wet. So while he was at the cemetery visiting his in-laws — which apparently something people with sweaty underwear do — he stripped down to get a little more comfortable. While he was driving out of the cemetery, he spotted some flowers he wanted to get a closer look at, but he didn't have his glasses, so he got out of the truck and checked them out.

Guess the guy's nuts over flowers.

The guy was arrested for public nudity, and released with a $1,500 bond.

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