British Schools Replace Regular Ties With Clip-Ons

After a few hundred years of making British school students wear ties as part of their school uniforms, many British schools are switching to clip-on ties over safety concerns that the little snowflakes might become injured.

According to an article on the BBC, students at the McCauley Catholic High School are being forced to switch because of fears they will be caught in equipment or catch fire during science class.

School administrators are also concerned they could be "worn in a scruffy style."

As a response, more than 400 people have joined a Facebook protest group to complain that they want to go back to the old ties.

Administrators need to stop and reconsider what they're asking. If millions of tie-wearing kids haven't choked themselves in the past couple hundred years, they're not going to start yet.

Put your energies into finding other safety issues to care about, like whether the precious snowflakes will stab themselves with the school-issued pencils and cafeteria forks.

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