Cooking Spray Cannot Remove Goats From Trees. Who Knew?

Pop quiz: How do you get a goat out of an oak tree? You should:

1) Wave to it and when it waves back, it will fall out.
2) Tie a rope around its waist and pull.
3) Use cooking spray.

Actually, none of these will work. But according to a story in the Ventura County Star, Alysia Krafel of California tried the cooking spray trick when one of her goats, King George got stuck in it.

How the goat got stuck in a tree is an interesting story in itself. Apparently, Krafel has several oak trees in her yard, and goats love oak trees. And most of the leaves have been stripped of their leaves from about six feet on down. But that doesn't stop the goats.

King George, and several of Krafel's goats can reach the higher leaves when they stand on their back feet, which is what King George was probably doing. Krafel said she thinks George slipped, got twisted around, and got one of his hooves caught in a crevice between two branches.

Krafel had just returned from a vacation that night in Seattle, when she found her goat hanging from a tree. She doesn't know how long he was hanging there, but she said he was so tired, he wasn't even crying. She tried spraying cooking spray on the hoof to see if it would slip, but it didn't help at all.

A quick call to the sheriff's office and a construction manager, and they were able to cut the tree down and free King George. Afterward, Krafel said she will begin cutting away any spots on trees where the goats can get hung up. Lesson learned.

The reporter then asked her if King George had also learned his lesson.

"No," she told the Ventura County Star. "He's a goat."

Photo: Wouter de Koning
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