Did You Know It's Illegal to Play Catch in Clearwater, Florida?

Clearwater, Florida is giving the United Kingdom a run for its money in the "Biggest Nanny State Ever" competition. But one politician is trying to change all that. (If we were Fark, I'd give him a "Hero" tag.)

According to an article on WFTV's website, Clearwater City Councilman George Cretekos is trying to change the law that made it illegal to play catch on anything but a designated area.

Apparently, the Clearwater City Council managed to slip this little gem through without a lot of people noticing. (Or at least me; I've only been doing this blog on a daily basis since December 2008.)

Boneheaded officials who originally passed the law said the idea was to give police the authority to stop a game on a public beach or park if it were going to hurt someone. However, it meant "a 1-year-old playing catch is breaking the law."

As if. I have yet to meet a 1-year-old with the arm strength or accuracy to throw a ball back to me. Big bunch of wusses.

"I also feel like it's important for a child to be able to go out and toss a ball or throw a Frisbee without the fear of being cited for an ordinance violation," Cretekos told WFTV.

He is trying to limit the scope of the law to careless activities that can actually hurt someone.

Like a 2-year-old hurling a 90 mph fastball, I suppose.

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