Food Related Assault Epidemic Reaches Iowa, Man Attacks Girlfriend with Pizza

The food-related assault epidemic continues to grow. It started in Florida last year, with four sandwich-to-the-face attacks, three of them occurring within 15 miles of each other. Then it spread to Philadelphia and Illinois, with a meatball sub and McGriddle attack, respectively.

Now, a Des Moines, Iowa man was arrested on Sunday after smashing his girlfriend in the face with a slice of pizza.

According to the police report, Ron Reliford ". . . said he used some pizza to smash into her face." Poor editing notwithstanding, this is the first time pizza has been used in one of these documented attacks.

Police said Reliford had choked his girlfriend, Deneen Kilby, and hit her with the slice. He told police, "It only takes two minutes to choke a (expletive)." The Des Moines Register would not even give us a clue as to what the (expletive) was, but I'm guessing it was the B-word.

The Register said Reliford was charged with domestic assault causing injury.

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  1. This reminds me of Wayne Brady on the Chappelle Show...

  2. Don't forget the infamous Shelbyville Cheeto Brawl!


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