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I'm Speaking at Blog Indiana 2009

I'll be speaking at the 2009 Blog Indiana conference in August.

I'll be speaking on "Three Effective Blogging Techniques" (although I may have 5. I live to give a little extra) and "Promoting Your Blog Through Social Media" on Thursday, You can find a schedule of speakers here.

Blog Indiana 2009 countdown!

You can buy tickets at the website. The full conference pass that covers all 4 days is your best value: $245.

Here’s the Press Release for Blog Indiana 2009 (that I swiped from Doug Karr's website)

Blog Indiana, founded last year by Noah Coffey and Shawn Plew, announced its second annual blogging and social media conference. The three-day event will be held August 13 through 15, 2009 from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm at the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex on the IUPUI Campus and will bring bloggers, marketers, and small business owners from across the state in an effort to promote education, innovation and collaboration. The conference is sponsored by the IU School of Informatics and Smaller Indiana.

“We want to help empower businesses and entreprenuers to take advantage of the latest in social media,” said Noah Coffey. “This conference will help do that by providing insights and best practices from local experts as well as help introduce novices to the whole concept.”

Blog Indiana 2009 is an all-day, three-day event for those seeking to capitalize on the financial benefits and brand exposure of blogging and social media. Topical sessions will be lead by successful social media experts such as Chris Brogan, Jason Falls, Chris Baggott, Brad Ward, Tom Britt, and many others.

Sessions will include discussions on hot trends such as Twitter, Facebook, and the social web. Other items such as blogging for beginners, using blogs & social media in your business, monetizing your blog, political blogging, and more advanced topics. Panel and group discussions will also be offered on Saturday.
Non-Profit Summit & Higher Education Summit

Due to popular request, this year will feature two 1-day summits with sessions geared specifically towards those in the non-profit and higher education worlds. The Higher Education summit will take place on Thursday, August 13th, 2009 and the Non-Profit Summit will take place on Friday, August 14th, 2009.

Ticket prices vary depending on which part of the conference you wish to attend. Early bird pricing ends the week of July 12th, 2009. Seating is limited. This conference is open to residents and businesses outside of Indiana. Tickets can be purchased online.

“In the past, most blogging and technology-related conferences have either been too expensive or too far out of state,” noted Shawn Plew. “Blog Indiana 2009 will bring a low-cost, high-value conference to Indiana.”

About Blog Indiana LLC

Noah Coffey is founder and president of Coffey Design. When not designing web sites, Coffey is blogging about it and the challenges of freelancing and being a first-time parent.

Shawn Plew is a web consultant for TGFI, Inc., based in Indianapolis. He blogs about his experiences as a first time father.

About IU School of Informatics

The Indiana University School of Informatics has set as its goal to be nationally recognized as the foremost in the country for excellence and leadership in Informatics programs, including undergraduate and graduate education, research, placement and outreach. These programs include opportunities for professionals trained in state-of-the-art information technology and science with an emphasis on creative human applications.

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