Indiana Fever - Atlanta Dream Live Blogging - 4th quarter

Quarter #4 starts out with Tenacious B tangling with Iziane Castro Marques from Brazil. Marques does a behind-the-back dribble and gives Tenacious a little schooling. B responds a couple minutes later by stealing the ball.

My 6-year-old son is cheering along with the crowd, "Wet's go Fevew! Wet's go Fevew!" A real awwww moment.

Man, it's a whole flock of boo birds as the ref blows another call against the Fever. Where's Gene Hackman when we need him?

Center Tammy Sutton-Brown is taking several for the team as she gets knocked on her butt twice — make that three times now — either shooting or going for the ball. She's tough. Any minute now, she's going to say, "Erika de Souza, dont make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

The Fever are turning it up and mounting a comeback, thanks in part to Sutton-Brown's iron backside.

This is turning into a real brawl. Tenacious B gets tripped, Jennifer Lacy trips over her sprawled body. Then Tamika Catchings goes toe to toe with Chamique Holdsclaw and Angel McCoughtry, coming up with the ball for a jump ball.

There's 4:30 to go, and the Fever have from being down by 2 to up by 5, 68 - 63.

The Dream are a tough squad. We lost to them — notice I said "we" there; I'm a big Fever fan now. Thanks, Julie! — during the first game of the season by 1 point in double overtime.

I think some of the fans here are also fans of the United States Auto Club (midget racing) league, because they keep screaming "U SAC" at the refs. Or something like that.

2:50 to go, 72 - 65, Fever.

You know what? This game is too damn exciting to keep writing. You're on your own until the final buzzer.

The game ended with a bunch of timeouts. It's times like this that you realize basketball can turn into a real chess match. Who do you foul, when do you foul them?

Final score: Fever 78, Dream 74. Excellent game, ladies. 8 consecutive wins, this puts them at 8 - 2 on top of the WomeNBA Eastern Confernce.

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