Indiana Fever - Atlanta Dream Live Blogging - 3rd quarter

Blogger is giving me fits today. Not fun when I'm trying a new writing venture like this.

Atlanta's Michelle Snow and Erica DeSouza are tall for a human being, man or woman. They're both 6'5", which is not that uncommon, but still 3" taller than me. It's normally not a problem, but Michelle Snow is on the bench, and the Dream are all supporting their team by standing up in front of me. Hey, down in front!!

Now that DeSouza is on the bench with Coco Miller and Ivory Latta — 3:00 remaining — there's close to 20 feet of Dream standing in front of me whenever Atlanta's on their end of the court.

Julie Graue, VP of Business Development for the Fever, came down for a visit. We're talking about basketball ops, the team, and 4th of July fireworks.

I realized I haven't been watching as much while Ive been writing, so I'm spending more time paying attention to the game. I don't know how the sportswriters do it. Watch the game AND write about it?

You know, I think I may have passed Tammy Sutton-Brown in the downtown Marsh parking lot on Friday. Tammy, if you're reading this, I was the guy who passed you in the parking lot. You were on your cell phone, didn't make eye contact, and I don't think you even noticed me. You remember, right

Briann January sank a 3 pointer right at the buzzer, halfway between the halfway line and the 3 point line.

Score is Fever 58, Dream 59. There was a couple minutes where we weren't sure if the officials were going to score it.

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