PETA Wants to Rename California Beach "Sea Kitten Beach"

Earlier this year, PETA wanted the entire world to stop calling fish "fish," and instead start calling them "sea kittens." After all, they reasoned, no one would eat a kitten.

Of course, the only ones who are actually doing this are PETA people, so I'm not too worried about our language changing any time soon.

But now they're trying to get the California State Parks system to change the name of Pescadero State Beach to Sea Kitten State Beach. They have offered to pay to keep the park open if California will change the name of the park. They sent a letter to State Parks director Ruth Coleman with their offer.

Pescadero is one of the 219 state parks that will be closed as a part of the Governornator's plan to overcome a $26.3 billion deficit.

The term "sea kitten" is an effort to evoke the same sympathy for fish that people feel for cats and dogs, according to PETA Manager of Campaigns Lindsay Rajt.

"Pescadero means 'the place to fish,' so we thought by renaming it 'Sea Kitten State Beach' we could make it the place for fish instead of fishing," Linday Rajt, PETA Manager of Campaigns, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

I have to wonder, are these serious discussions, or are the PETA executives sitting around a conference table like a bunch of comedy writers to see who can come up with the most outrageous campaign, laughing their asses off at the best ones.

"Ooh ooh, I know. Let's call fish 'sea kittens!'"

"Oh and then we'll see if we can get California to rename Pescadero State Beach 'Sea Kitten State Beach.'"

Then everyone roars with laughter.

If that's what they're doing, these guys are comedic geniuses. If they're not, then they're, well, just not right in the head.

Rajt told the Chronicle they're "optimistic" that the California State Parks director would accept their offer.

If PETA were serious about this, they should put their money where their mouth is and buy private land to turn into their own private park. Then they can call fish "sea kittens," trees "hugging targets," and bears "forest sharks" all they want.

Until then, stick to killing pets. You guys are pretty good at it already.

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