British Grandmother Sues Supermarket After Being Beaned by Pineapple

If you're standing in a store, and another shop reaches for something, causing a pineapple to hit you in the head, who's at fault? The shopper? The pineapple? The store?

If you're Mary Raimo, a 76-year-old OAP (old age pensioner; a British term for "senior citizen), you sue the store.

Raimo is suing Tesco, a supermarket that has made some lovely boneheaded moves like banning helium balloons carried by small children. Needless to say, I don't like Tesco very much, but I think Raimo is in the wrong on this one.

Raimo was in her local store in Lochee, Dundee (Scotland), looking at some fruit on a shelf, while another lady was looking at the pineapples on the top shelf. That's when Raimo was bonked on the coconut by a pineapple. She dropped her basket and fell to the floor.

According to an article in the Daily Telegraph, Raimo says her vision was blurred and she couldn't think straight. (I'm not saying this is a symptom of a head injury, and I'm not saying this is a symptom of being 76. I just think there should be some kind of baseline established before this suit goes forward.)

A doctor told her she had a concussion, but she says she is still in pain, even one year later.

Raimo's lawyer told the Telegraph, "It is her position the shelf was poorly stacked. Tesco say it was another customer who knocked it off. We are not seeking massive damages, but we would be looking for £3,000 or £4,000 to compensate for Mary's injuries."

Admittedly £4,000 ($6,500) is a nice chunk of change, and I'll bet Tesco will settle, or at least their insurance company will cough up. And while I love any story that involves Tesco looking like a scrooge or jerky, I think I have to side with Tesco on this one. Raimo's accident is unfortunate, and no one can be sure who actually caused it.

She should just be grateful that watermelons aren't that common in Scotland.

Photo: Randall Femmer, National Biological Information Infrastructure
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