British Trade Union Congress Tries to Ban High Heels from Workplace

Having solved all other issues of sexism in the workplace — inappropriate humor, lower pay, hostile work environment — the British Trade Union Congress has targeted high-heeled shoes for removal from the workplace, because they are "sexist and pose a health and safety hazard."

According to a story in the London Daily Mail, the TUC has proposed a motion that high heels are demeaning to women. Instead, they think women in the workplace should wear "sensible shoes" that are an inch high, in order to avoid injuries, as well as foot and back pain.

The TUC is worried that women feel they need to wear heels in order to do their high-powered jobs.

However, many high-powered women told the TUC what they can do with their proposal.

"This is absolutely ridiculous, and I think these union officials should be spending their time dealing with more important issues," said Michelle Dewberry, winner of the UK's The Apprentice. "I'm at work in five-inch heels and perfectly able to do my job. Heels are sexy, they boost your confidence and they are empowering to women."

Surprisingly, the TUC has not addressed the issue (i.e. silliness) of wearing neckties, despite the fact that many British schools have begun replacing regular ties with clip-ons. Ties can be much more dangerous, as one commenter to that post pointed out, when a man at her husband's workplace was crushed when his tie got caught in a piece of machinery.

Does this mean that all other workplace issues have been solved by the TUC? Have they solved all other forms of sexism and racism at the workplace? Have idiotic and tyrannical bosses been replaced by people who are actually competent? Or did one of the TUC member's wives say, "Hey, I've got an issue for you lot to work out?"

I appreciate the sentiment, but considering England is in their own economic crisis, and unemployment is running at 7.6%, I think the TUC needs to focus on getting people into jobs, not worrying about what they wear once they're in them.

Unless they want to do something about ties.

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