The Cool Table at Indy Fringe Theatre Festival 2009

I ate Lindsey Fisher's cookie.

The cookie in question, before your mind starts wandering, was a prop for a sketch she performed as part of the sketch comedy troupe, The Cool Table, at their fourth appearance at the Indy Fringe Theatre Festival. More on that later.

The Chicago-based troupe performs original sketches during each performance without repeating any during their entire Fringe appearance. What I saw tonight was not what they performed either of the last two nights.

I had the chance to see The Cool Table twice last year, and actually recognized a couple of this year's sketches from last year, not that I'm complaining. I remembered the Lollipop sketch from last year, and maybe one or two others, but I still had a great time.

The fantasy sketch was one that netted me some cookie. I bumped into The Cool Table at the Chatham Tap 30 minutes before the show. Since they remembered me from the year before, they invited me to join them for a drink (note to Goose Island: your 312 wheat beer is not that wheaty). Lindsey was sitting there with a giant cookie, and said I could join them after the show.

The sketch itself involved Lindsey and Dan Sanders Joyce who had been told by their therapist to share their fantasies with each other. While Dan's didn't sound entire unreasonable — mmmm, steak — Lindsey's was hilarious. She walks out with a giant cookie, tells Dan to shut up, and she gets to eat a giant cookie while making him perform Styx songs in a slowed-down rap.

My favorite sketch out of all of their performances, other than "The B Squad," was tonight's final one, the three guys — Paige Smith, Dave Sipoli, and Dan — who were waiting at Neiman Marcus, clutching their wives' purses, while they played games to pass the time. The role playing workshopping of Dan's. . marital problems shows the great results that flowers can bring to any marriage.

While you probably won't be able to see the Neiman Marcus sketch this weekend (although I'm hoping they'll do it and B Squad on Friday, because I'm going back), you'll still be able to see some great comedy three more times on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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