Oregon Property Managers Bans AC Units, Despite Triple-Digit Temps

Tenants at the Arbor Creek apartment complex in Aloha, Oregon are being told they can't install air conditioning units in their windows, because they look tacky.

Temperatures in the Oregon suburbs were hitting as high as 108 degrees. But according to a story on KATU.com, tenants like Shanna Frettim were sitting in a 95 degree apartment with an eviction notice and no AC.

“They sent me notices telling me if I did not take it out I would have a ten day period to get out of my apartment,” Frettim told KATU News.

"As a matter of fact, on these notices it says 'for the benefits of the residences,'" Frettim said. "I am wondering how that 'benefits the residents' when they can't have air conditioners. How does that benefit us? Our kids end up in the hospitals or they end up sick."

One child has been reportedly hospitalized with heat stroke.

KATU examined the rental agreement and property rules and found no mention of a ban on air conditioning window units.

However, Frettim said she was told if she wanted it, the unit would have to be professionally installed for about $500, which she can't afford.

KATU has tried to call the property management company that runs Arbor Creek, but no one answered.

They probably couldn't hear the phone ring over the AC unit in their office.

It's all well and good for the property management company to say that AC units are banned, but my guess is they're not sitting in a 95 degree office telling everyone else to suck it up. If they want to turn off their own AC in a show of solidarity, then I'd believe it's for the benefit of the residents.

Until then, stop saying window AC units are tacky or that suffering heat stroke and heat sickness is for the benefits of the residents. Trying creating some livable conditions instead, before the parent of a sick kid musters up the strength to call a good lawyer.

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