Syracuse, N.Y. Councilor's Re-Election Petition Short by One Signature. His Own.

We've all heard that every vote is important, that entire elections can be won and lost by one vote. The same is true for signatures.

Just ask Michael Heagerty, the Syracuse, New York Common Councilor, whose re-election petition was short by just one signature.

His own signature.

Heagerty needed 335 signatures on his re-election petition, but he only had 334, said the Syracuse Post-Standard. He was horrified to discover he had forgotten to sign his own petition.

Not all is lost, however. Heagerty will be on the ballot on the Working Families Party, and will be listed there in the general election. He can also run as an independent if he gathers at least 346 new signatures by August 18.

Heagerty and his volunteers originally had 398 signatures, but his Republican opponent Matt Rayo challenged the petition. The Board of Elections found 64 of the signatures were invalid.

Heagerty told the Post-Standard, "We got almost 400, and we figured we were good."

Heagerty isn't that worried however. He figures voters will scan down the rows of names and find his and vote for him.

Let's just hope he remembers to vote.

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