Tulare, California Hates Lemonade, Small Children

Tulare, California joins the list of California cities that hates retail food stands run by children.

Tulare closed down a stand run by 8-year-old Daniela Earnest on the same day she opened it,. said a story in the Fresno Bee (official motto: "Don't swat at it, you'll just make it angry). She wanted to earn enough money for a family trip to Disneyland.

However, the city shut her down because she didn't have a business license.

Daniela and her stepmother, Marisa Earnest, were stopped when a Tulare code enforcement officer told them they couldn't be at the busy intersection, because it was not safe. He also said they needed a business license.

But when news of the city's tromping of a little girl's dreams made the news, a Visalia radio station, KSEQ Q97, offered Daniela and her family four free passes to Disneyland in exchange for 30 cups of lemonade.

After the outcry, Tulare is considering giving Oliver Twist some more gruel however. They are considering a compromise measure that will either ask lemonade stand operators to pay a small fee or waive license fees for children under a certain age.

If they're smart, it will be whatever age will stop angry citizens and journalists from turning stories like this into national news.

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