John Jorgenson, Grammy-award winning guitarist, playing in Arcadia, IN Friday, Sept. 11 at 8 pm

John Jorgenson is a Grammy-award-winning guitarist who plays “gypsy jazz,” reminiscent of the music played by Django Reinhardt.

Tickets are $25 at the door, or $20 in advance from Bob Foster (reservations may be made on Foster’s cell phone, at 317-691-1207).

The show itself is this Friday, September 11, at 8 PM.

The venue is the Hedgehog, at 101 West Main Street in Arcadia, Indiana (about 10 miles north of Noblesville).

Finally, here’s a a video of John Jorgenson and band, actually covering a Django Reinhardt tune:

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  1. Eric I have been to downtown Arcadia. I took a train ride and the train actually stopped in the middle of Main St. Downtown Arcadia was quaint and nice that evening but I went back a year later and not quite the same as I remembered it. I am actuall surprised there are cell phones or cell service in Arcadia.


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