KCRA TV in California Fails to Understand Skydiving, Gravity

KCRA3, Sacramento, California's NBC affiliate, does not strike me as having a lot of common sense.

You can see it in one of their latest stories, 2 Parachutists Die In Lodi Accident, No Word On Cause.

Two parachutists were killed at the Lodi Parachute Center in Acampo after an accident Sunday, officials said.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department said one person was dead at the scene. One person was transported to Lodi Memorial Hospital.

There is no word on what caused the deaths.

Hmm, it probably wouldn't be a stabbing, drug overdose, or romantic murder-suicide pact. What could it be, what could it be. . .?

Now, I'm not a physicist, a parachuting expert, or a coroner, but I'm going to wager a guess that it was caused by massive blunt force trauma preceded by a fall from a very long height.

And you wonder why so many people were upset when Walter Cronkite died.

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