The Ladybag Pocket Urinal for Women. Eeeeeewwwwww!

Sometimes, for laughs, I like to make up sentences that have never been uttered, and never will be again.

I punched Genghis Khan in the throat for cheating at backgammon, spilling the cranberry juice to the floor.

Other times, for bigger laughs, people will come up with these unique sentences all on their own:

Urinating into yoghurt cups while careering down the motorway will be a thing of the past for women thanks to a new German invention for ladies.

That little gem came from the English language version of Der Spiegel, the German newspaper. (And it beat the Genghis Khan thing all to Hell. Ausgezeichnet, Der Spiegel!)

Eva Tinter, a German entrepreneur, has invented the Ladybag as a way to "put an end to nightmare encounters with filthy public toilets, time-consuming queuing and having to relieve oneself into yoghurt cups during car journeys."

Question: is it common for women to pee in yoghurt cups in cars? Is this something plaguing the women of Western Europe?

According to Der Spiegel (which is German for "the spiegel"), the Ladybag is filled with absorbent polymers that turn to gel when hit with, um, liquids. The gel, says Tinter, will absorb half a liter of pee, but in an emergency, can hold as much as a liter. (Which, by an amazing coincidence, so can many women.)

"It can be used in cars, or to avoid dirty toilets or at open-air festivals when you don't want to queue. You can just nip round the back of the toilet and use this," Eva Tinter, told Der Spiegel online.

Tinter invented the Roadbag for men in 2007, and said she has sold over 200,000 units to German men who can't find a tree. She believes that every car in Germany needs either a Roadbag or a Ladybag in their glove compartment, and hopes to get one in all 4 million cars in the country.

My only question is whether people will be willing to leave the bags in their car until they can find a trashcan, or will they begin flinging half-full Roadbags and Ladybags onto the Autobahn?

(Hat tip to Lorraine Ball of RoundPeg for the heads up on this)

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